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Sex and the Soulless Being

human-vs-robotFor the past several weeks, I’ve written about the sin of contraception and how it has led to the proliferation of premarital sex, divorce, abortion, adultery, pornography, homosexuality, out-of-wedlock births, the breakdown of the family, assisted suicide, and surrogate mothers. I’ve also written about how contraception has caused a shortage of Catholic priests and how it has allowed couples to easily overrule God’s plan concerning the number of children God planned for them.

Last week, I wrote about how it has become necessary to replace the tens of millions of children who were never born — because of contraception and abortion — with illegal immigrants and robots.

I also wrote that there are several types of robots that have been developed, including industrial robots that are used by manufacturers, “carebots” that are used to help assist with the care of the elderly, “agrobots” that are used to assist with the planting of seeds and picking of fruit, commercial drones that are used for the performance of high-tech surveillance, and “robo-adivisors” that are being developed to assist individuals with their investments.

The one robot that I failed to mention is the “sexbot,” which is used to satisfy the sexual desires of its owner. Earlier this year, the New York Times published an article that featured the creator of “RealDoll,” a life size “female robot” that it is designed as a personalized sex machine that can be programmed to learn the likes and dislikes of its owner.

There are currently several well-funded companies that are combining virtual reality with robotics in order to create a sexual experience that will mimic real life. With the use of goggles, headphones, and one or more robotic devices, a user will experience what is seen, heard, and felt during a real-life sexual experience.

A recent study showed that 64 percent of Christian men admitted to viewing pornography at least once a month. When the new technology of virtual reality combined with robotics becomes readily available, all those Christian (as well as non-Christian) men will be able to enjoy a “real” sexual experience without the “burden” of having to nurture and sustain a relationship with a member of the opposite sex.

The purpose of contraception has always been to separate sex from procreation. Modern forms of contraception — latex condoms, the pill, and sterilization — have allowed couples to enjoy the pleasures of sex without the consequences of pregnancy.

Every time a couple decides to use contraception, by their actions, they declare their independence from God. They succumb to the same temptation that the serpent used to seduce Eve: “You will become like Gods.” Once they become their own gods, these couples can pick and choose when they are going to use their God-given gifts to create a new life.

So what began as what appeared to be a reasonable and rational movement to separate sex from procreation eventually turned into a downward spiral of degeneracy, licentiousness, perversion, and depravity.

As we look back, it now makes sense that a widespread, self-centered focus on individual sexual satisfaction and pleasure would eventually lead to promiscuity, adultery, divorce, and homosexuality. It also makes sense that once the technology was available for use in satisfying the sexual desires of individuals, it would be welcomed as a form of liberation from having to rely on others to satisfy our needs and desires.

While contraception has allowed us to cut off God from the creation of new human beings, technology has allowed us to “independently” create our own new beings. Those beings (robots) will eventually have brains that are, in some respects, superior to the human brain. But regardless of our brilliance, there is one component of a human being that we will never be able to replicate — the human soul.

Each time that God creates a human being, He infuses within it a soul that has a direct spiritual connection with God. Every soul that is created by God is destined to live for all eternity.

It is the soul that supplies a human heart with the love and compassion that is needed to truly care for and love another human being. While we have the ability to create a sophisticated “brain” for a robot, we will never have the ability to create a soul or a human heart.

While the robots that have been created to care for our rapidly aging population may be able to perform many of the tasks that are needed to assist the elderly, the most important task of truly loving an elderly person cannot be performed by a robot. Only a human can truly love another human and usually that particular human happens be a spouse or a child of the elderly person.

In the not-too-distant future, a majority of the elderly men and women who refused to allow God to bless them with more than one or two children will find that they are being “cared for” by robots who have been programmed to terminate their lives when the cost of caring for them has exceeded a predetermined amount of money that has been set by a government panel or agency.

In the future, we are going to see new laws that are similar to the law that was recently approved by Governor Jerry Brown in California. There will be additional states that legalize assisted suicide, and eventually, the U.S. Supreme Court will rule that assisted suicide is a constitutional right.

The next step after the legalization of assisted suicide will be the passing of laws that allow for euthanasia. The word “euthanasia” is defined as “a deliberate intervention undertaken with the express intention of ending a life.”

Traditionally, euthanasia has been understood to apply to situations where a person’s life is terminated by a doctor at the request of the person. This will eventually change in countries where economic conditions have become so dire that governments will determine that it is in the best interest of the country to terminate the lives of people who are no longer useful to society or have become a “burden” on society.

I started out this series of articles on contraception by comparing the sin of contraception to the deep-rooted thistles that I had to dig up from the pasture next to my parents’ home when I was a teenager. In order to make sure the thistles would not return the next year, I had to dig up the entire root of each thistle. In order to cure the myriad of grave evils that exist in our society, we have to change the hearts and minds of a majority of people so that they will choose to follow God’s laws concerning sex and procreation, rather than the easy route to self-satisfaction and pleasure.

I would suggest that we start praying for a miracle.

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