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A Success Secret From The CEO Of A Billion Dollar Company

On a recent A & E “History’s Business” television show, the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and chairman of KB Homes, a billion dollar company, was asked several questions about what it took to become successful and wealthy.

At one point during the interview, the interviewer asked the CEO what the most important “success insight” was that he could share with the viewers to help them become more successful.  After a short pause, the CEO said: “Don’t go for home runs.  Go for singles and doubles.  If you follow this advice, you’ll be amazed at the results.”

When I was in grade school, I had a cousin who played little league baseball every summer.  I attended most of his games, and after a couple of summers, he became a very good player.  One summer, he started out the first 5 or 6 games by consistently getting 2 to 3 base hits every game.  He had great form and concentration.

One game, about half way through the season, he hit 3 home runs.  His team won and he was a hero.  The next game he hit 2 home runs.  He was on a roll.  Unfortunately, the following game he struck out every time he was up at bat.  He did the same thing the next game.

He was no longer a hero.  In just 2 games, he became a has-been and a loser.

The worst thing about those games was the aftermath – the ride home with him and his dad.  His dad had an anger problem and would lecture and berate him the whole way home.

The problem as I saw it was that my cousin had either forgotten (or disregarded) the basics.  After the 2 games where he hit home runs, he stopped concentrating on using his well developed skills to get solid base hits.  Instead, every time he was up at bat, he went go for the big one – a home run.

I thought of my cousin when I heard the CEO’s “success insight” about the importance of going for singles and doubles, rather than home runs.

Because of our fallen human nature, we want results without having to sacrifice or exercise the discipline necessary to learn and consistently practice the basic fundamentals necessary for success.

The message from the CEO makes sense.  A businessman should not expect to be financially successful until he has developed the basics, which include the fundamental skills of selling and marketing his products or services, building relationships with employees and customers, and managing a business.

You can and should also apply the CEO’s “success insight” to your spiritual life.

What are the “singles and doubles” you should be consistently hitting to become a saint?

How about daily Mass and Holy Communion, frequent confession, daily recitation of the Rosary, daily spiritual reading, daily works of mercy, daily acts of humility, and frequent visits with our Lord in the Adoration Chapel?

Am I starting to sound like a broken record in pushing these daily rituals?  Don’t blame me.  I’m

only passing on to you what all of the doctors of the Church emphasized – the critical importance of following basic fundamental daily rituals to help you achieve spiritual perfection.

Do you want to be a “successful” Catholic?

If you do, then like the saints before you, you need to concentrate on consistently hitting singles and doubles.

If you return to the “basics” in your spiritual development, you will find that the pace of your spiritual growth will accelerate rather than remain dormant (like it tends to do most of the time).

Are you read to step up to the plate every day and hit some singles and doubles?  Eternity is just around the corner, so I would suggest you take this seriously.

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