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The Definition of Marriage

three-get-marriedThe Pocket Catholic Dictionary defines “marriage” as follows:

As a natural institution, the lasting union of a man and a woman who agree to give and receive rights over each other for the performance of the act of generation and for the fostering of their mutual love.

The state of marriage implies four chief conditions: (1) there must be a union of opposite sexes; it is therefore opposed to all forms of unnatural, homosexual behavior; (2) it is a permanent union until the death of either spouse; (3) it is an exclusive union, so that extramarital acts are a violation of justice; and (4) its permanence and exclusiveness are guaranteed by contract; mere living together, without mutually binding themselves to do so, is concubinage and not marriage.

Christ elevated marriage to a sacrament of the New Law.  Christian spouses signify and partake of the mystery of that unity and fruitful love which exists between Christ and His Church, helping each other attain to holiness in their married life and in the rearing and education of their children.

When I was in high school in the 1970’s, over 95% of the people in this country (regardless of religious belief) agreed that marriage consisted of a union between a man and a woman.  Right now, in 2010, even though a majority of the population still agrees with that definition, each year we get closer and closer to a 50/50 split on how we, as a country, define marriage.

This past week, a United States Federal District Court Judge in San Francisco (Judge Vaughn Walker), struck down an amendment to the constitution of the State of California that defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman.  The amendment was on the ballot in California in November of 2008, as “Proposition 8,” and passed with 52% of the vote.  The judge who handed down the ruling is openly homosexual.  If his ruling is upheld on appeal, it will apply to everyone in the United States and no city or state will be allowed to pass a law that defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

In May of this year, Kenneth Howell, an adjunct professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, was summarily fired for stating in an email to his students that he agreed with the Catholic Church’s teaching that homosexual sex is immoral.  The email was sent as part of an academic discussion that was taking place between Howell and the students who were enrolled in his “Introduction to Catholicism” class.

For years, college administrators and students have demanded the right to exercise “academic freedom” on campuses and to do and say whatever they want; however, as a soon as a teacher dared to do his job of educating his students about a core belief of the Catholic Church (in a class about Catholicism), he was immediately punished by the pro-homosexual wing of the university.  (Howell was reinstated last month after an organization – the Alliance Defense Fund – threatened to file a lawsuit against the university).

This past week, Gregg Steinhafel, the Chief Executive Officer of Target Corporation, went out of his way to apologize to homosexual rights protestors and groups who had organized a boycott against Target.  The offense that Steinhafel apologized for was a donation of money Target made to a political organization in Minnesota that supports candidates who are pro-business.  Apparently, the political organization ran some ads on behalf of a candidate for governor who is pro business, but also happens to have a statement on his web site that he defines marriage as a “union between one man and one woman.”  The immediate action and punishment by highly funded and organized national homosexual organizations brought Target to its knees, so much so, that Target has now promised that it will be “more careful in the future” when making political donations.

This month, the American Bar Association (ABA), the largest organization of lawyers in the United States, is holding its annual convention.  At the convention, the ABA will consider (and most likely pass) a resolution that urges all state and federal governmental agencies to recognize “gay” marriages and afford “couples” the same status as “heterosexual marriages.”

Last year, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America voted to eliminate a policy that required celibacy between homosexual clergy.  Lutheran pastors are now allowed to live in “committed same-gender relationships.”  Other “Christian” churches in America that also allow for ordination of practicing homosexuals include the Episcopal Church and the United Church of Christ.

Last but not least, one of the biggest hits right now on Fox is Glee, the high school television series that is unashamedly homosexual.  The show is like Disney’s High School Musical, but to an opposite extreme.  Where High School Musical promoted good old-fashioned boy/girl relationships with lots of fun music and dancing, Glee promotes girl/girl and boy/boy relationships with lots of fun music and dancing.

So there you have it.  It’s almost as if there was a blueprint developed 40 years ago on how to completely destroy the institution of marriage in this country… a blueprint that has been meticulously followed.

So what is the real agenda behind the “gay rights” movement? 

In the spiritual realm, the agenda involves the complete and total elimination of Almighty God from marriage itself and the destruction of a moral code and a way of life that has existed since the creation of Adam and Eve.  Although there have been societies throughout history that have tolerated homosexual behavior, there has never been a society that has elevated homosexual relationships to the same level as that of a marriage between a man and a woman.

In the physical realm, the agenda involves the destruction of what makes each of us human.  The interaction and union between a man and a woman is a gift from God that is intended to make us complete as humans.  In marriage we are allowed to share in the creation of other human beings (within a nuclear family) who will someday be called by God to enter into eternity with Him.

The subversive agenda of the radical homosexuals* who are spearheading this movement is to completely destroy the institution of marriage and to force a change in the beliefs of all those who do not agree with them.  Although homosexuals already have the freedom in this country to do what they want with each other, they’re still not satisfied.  Even if they are able to get “same-sex marriage” legalized throughout the country, it won’t be enough.  Next on the agenda will be to: (1) force the government to give homosexual couples the same tax benefits that married couples receive; (2) force government agencies and employers to recognize their marital status and pay out benefits accordingly; and (3) force all public and private schools to indoctrinate our children with their beliefs.  (That’s what “equality” is all about, isn’t it?)

The change in the laws of this country to legalize “same-sex marriage” is just the beginning.  We need to do whatever it takes to amend the United States Constitution to define marriage as it has been defined since the beginning of time.  We cannot rely on the politicians, the courts, the educational institutions, the media, the corporations, or the churches to fight this battle for us.  It has to be a personal battle that each of us wages with our prayers and political involvement.  I just hope and pray that there are still enough true Christians left to see us through to the end.

*I am not attacking individuals who have a tendency toward the sin of homosexuality.  I personally know several people who are homosexual and, as individuals, most of them are decent and loving people who, like all of us, have their own struggles.  What I do object to is the behavior itself and the radical attempts to legitimize and promote the behavior through our court system and institutions.

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5 Responses to “The Definition of Marriage”

  1. Rev. Chuck Currie Says:

    With respect, you have characterized the view of the United Church of Christ and other denominations on this issue that as Christians find fault with your thinking. An explanation of the UCC’s stance on marriage equality (as it relates to Prop 8 and other related issues)can be found here:

    I write not because I hope that you might agree with me – as a minister in the United Church of Christ I support gay marriage and believe it is line with the teachings of Jesus. My hope, rather, is that you at least actually read and consider the UCC’s reasoning from 2005 in calling for marriage equality.

  2. Rev. Chuck Currie Says:

    Excuse, I meant to say you mis characterized the UCC’s views.

  3. Marie Says:

    Absolutely wonderful post. Thank you.

  4. David Williams Says:

    I think the article is spot on. Network television shows and the general media demonize those who are opposed to gay activities. Glee, Family Guy, Will & Grace, and many other shows that feature gay characters and shed a positive light on their actions and behaviors perpetuate the idea that acting gay is okay. Another problem with pro-gay ideas is the whole issue of political correctness; just last week Lakers star Kobe Bryant was fined $100,000 for using a gay slur toward a referee. He had to pay twice a normal man’s salary to the league for making a comment that upset gays. The issue at hand here and in the case with the Target Corporation is political correctness. I say that homosexuality is immoral on every level and just another counterculture fad that made its way into the mainstream because of the liberal media and universities that encourage these behaviors.

  5. admin Says:

    I agree with everything you said except for your statement that homosexuality is “just another counterculture fad.” I wish it was only a fad. Unfortunately, over the past 40 years, the acceptance of homosexuality has been “normalized” and now those of us who consider such behavior as perverted are being branded as the extremists. The whole normalization process started on college campuses in the 1970’s. I know, because that’s when I was in college. Now, the indoctrination of the minds of our youth is taking place in high schools and grade schools. Of course, Hollywood and the media have played an important part in the transformation of the way people think about this abnormality. Good to hear from you.

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