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Does The Name Really Matter?

When I graduated from a public high school 36 years ago (1975), no one in high school talked openly about homosexuality.  There were some rumors about one of our teachers, but that was it.  If there were any students who were homosexual, nobody knew about it because it was never discussed.

That was not the case in college.  I attended a public university from 1975 to 1979.  At that time, steps had already been taken at the college level to help facilitate the “education” of college students as to why they needed to be more “tolerant” of “alternative lifestyles.”  Every week in the school newspaper there was an invitation for students to attend a weekly “Gay-Straight Wrap,” an evening session to enlighten “straight” people about the “gay” lifestyle.

In order for the gay movement to succeed in indoctrinating students (as well as the general public), the actual name for homosexuals had to be changed.  An aggressive campaign had already been launched to change the name from “homosexual’ to “gay.”  From a traditional standpoint, the word “gay” has always meant “happy, carefree, or exuberant.”  The people who launched the effort to change the way we view homosexuality knew that by changing the name from “homosexual” to “gay,” the mental image people had of homosexuals would also change.

Names are critically important when it comes to advertising and marketing a product, a service, or as we now know, a lifestyle.  There’s an old saying: “Whoever names the game, owns the game.” 

Take a look at the ad on this page.  It’s an actual poster from almost 70 years ago that is currently on display at the National Archives in Washington, DC.  The ad implies that your children will get “PEP” and “VIGOR” from the vitamins that are in donuts (rather than from the fistful of sugar that is in each donut).  If you didn’t know any better, which donut would you prefer to give to your child, a Vitamin Donut or a regular donut?

Politicians play with words all of the time to influence and manipulate the way people think.  After 911, President Bush created the “Homeland Security Department.”  How could anyone be against homeland security?  Then of course, the “Transportation Security Administration” (TSA) was created.  You know about the TSA don’t you?  It’s that government agency that insists that its thugs have the right to grope and manhandle old ladies and children at airport security checkpoints to “protect us from terrorism.”

Last week, U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) introduced a bill in the Senate to repeal the “Defense of Marriage Act” that was enacted in 1996.  Currently, there are 41 states that ban same-sex marriage.  The Defense of Marriage Act provides that a state that has banned same-sex marriage is not legally required to recognize the “marriage” of a same-sex couple that took place in another state.  The new law Feinstein has proposed to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act has been named the “Respect for Marriage Act.”

The campaign to rename “homosexuals” to “gays” really was a stroke of genius.  By changing the name, there was a shift in the way people perceive homosexual behavior – from deviant and sinful, to carefree and harmless.

Once the new name was accepted and firmly implanted into people minds, it was time to start “educating” the children of America about the gay lifestyle.  And what better way to do that than through our taxpayer-financed public education system.

In 1990, Groundspark, a company based in San Francisco, produced its first video, “It’s Elementary – Talking About Gay Issues In School.”  Although the video initially caused an uproar among parents, Groundspark now receives orders from over 4000 schools and school districts from all over the United States.

For the last several years, the San Francisco Unified School District has published guidelines to help teachers introduce a “gay friendly curriculum” to students, beginning in kindergarten.

Two weeks ago California Governor Jerry Brown signed a new state law that requires the California Board of Education to create textbooks and other materials (for the 2012–2013 school year) that portray gays and events in gay history in a positive light.  Parents will not be allowed to exclude their children from the newly required classes, because California state law prohibits parents from removing their children from a classroom when what is being taught in the classroom is part of a set curriculum.

So it all started with what appeared to be an innocent name change, then came the text books and videos that introduced young students to this carefree and harmless alternative lifestyle.  Now, we have the first state law that mandates that students be indoctrinated in what many consider to be gravely sinful, unnatural, and dangerous behavior.  All at our (the taxpayers’) expense.

Of course, all “gay friendly” curriculums include either direct instruction or, at a minimum, the implication that people who oppose the gay lifestyle are hateful and judgmental.  Over the years I’ve had brainwashed students tell me that I am hateful and have no right to “judge” other people.  My response: “Every week, in every courthouse throughout the United States a trial judge or jury judges the behavior of others.  Parents judge the behavior of their children.  Employers judge the behavior of their employees and vice versa.  Husbands judge the behavior of their wives and vice versa.  I don’t judge the person; I judge the behavior of the person.  I don’t hate the person; I hate the sinful behavior.  I agree that I have no right to judge a person’s soul, but I do have the right (and sometimes the obligation) to judge the behavior of others according to certain traditional, historical, legal, and faith-based standards.”

It’s no wonder that polls show that people are now more open to “gay marriage” than 20 years ago.  The plan that was put into place in the 1970’s has worked flawlessly.  The motto of Britain’s Special Air Service (its version of America’s Navy SEALs) is: “Who dares, wins.”   The leaders of the gay movement dared and won (so far).

I’m hoping that the next national election (November, 2012) will send a wave of new leaders to Washington who will not only pass legislation that requires a balanced federal budget, but will also replace the current public school system with a school voucher program that provides taxpayer-funded vouchers to parents so they can choose (and pay for) the school they want their children to attend.  With school vouchers, the small minority of gays who want to pass on their deviant beliefs and sinful practices can send their children to gay schools, while the rest of us send our children to Christian schools. 

I realize that what I’ve said here today is blunt and hard-hitting.  Our Lord was brutally murdered because of His blunt and hard-hitting statements and teachings.  Many of His followers were martyred because they courageously stood up and spoke the truth, regardless of the consequences.  A truly devout Catholic seeks to imitate Christ in every aspect of life, including a willingness to speak out in defense of His teachings.

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3 Responses to “Does The Name Really Matter?”

  1. Sister Roberta Houlihan, CSJ Says:

    Once again, Harry, THANK YOU for a publication well worded and – yes – “blunt and hard-hitting” – just as Our Lord’s message(s) which always revealed Truth. “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life…follow Me.”
    Where do we find the replacements [of those who need to be replaced]for our next Election? I inserted the [ – ] because there are a few who have proved to be trying to remedy…but VERY few.
    God bless you, Harry, and your family! Sister Roberta

  2. Rev. Msgr. Don J Fitzpatrick Says:

    God bless you and yours in all ways, always. Please continue this excellent articulation of opportunity to be faith filled Catholics.

  3. Harry Says:

    Msgr. Fitzpatrick,
    Thanks for your comment and support.

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