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The Sale of Body Parts

Saturday, September 29th, 2012
About six years ago on a Thursday morning around 10 o’clock, I got a phone call from Georgette.  At the time, I was at my office.  She told me that a man we both knew was on life support at one of the local hospitals.  He was in his 60s and had gone in for surgery earlier that morning.  Something went wrong during the surgery, and he had stopped breathing.  The surgical team… Read More

Our Role In Divine Providence

Thursday, September 27th, 2012
Do you remember the definition of God from your childhood religion class?  The definition was simple and concise: an infinitely perfect Supreme Being who created all things and keeps them in existence.  Yes, he not only created us, but continually keeps us in existence. Although most people acknowledge God as the creator of mankind, they don’t give much thought to how He continually exercises His creative power through His divine providence.  What is divine providence?  As it applies to you and me, it is the fulfillment of God’s eternal plan and the carrying out of that plan by His loving rule and governance over us. There are three classifications… Read More

Email – The Lowest Form of Communication

Thursday, September 27th, 2012
Although I like the Internet and most of its features and benefits, when it comes to sending and receiving communications of any substance, I hate email.  I long for the good old days (20 years ago) when people wrote real letters, folded them up, placed them in envelopes addressed to the… Read More

Two Kinds of Love

Friday, September 21st, 2012
Could God the Father ever decide that He no longer loves the Holy Spirit?  Could He say “I’ve loved the Holy Spirit for thousands of years and I just don’t love Him anymore”?  Could Jesus go off on His own and decide He is no longer going to love the Father and the Holy Spirit?  Could the Holy Spirit bail out on His relationship with the Father and the Son? The answer to all these questions is “no.” The love that the three persons of the Blessed Trinity have for each other is known as a necessary love.  It is impossible for them not to love each other. What kind of love does God have for you and me?  Is it a necessary love? … Read More

Is There Opportunity In Humiliation?

Saturday, September 15th, 2012
Over the past year I’ve gotten to know a young man who works at a local restaurant.  (For the purposes of this discussion, I’m going to call him Rusty.)  I see Rusty at least once a week when I pick up something to eat at the restaurant.  Rusty is a devout Christian.  He’s… Read More