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Is Your Life Out of Control?

Saturday, September 27th, 2014
outofcontrolAccording to Dorothea Brande, author of the book, Wake Up and Live, the most important success secret she has ever discovered is to “[A]ct as if it were impossible to fail, and it shall be.”  From a business perspective, I can tell you that in my 31 years of practicing law and working with numerous business owners, Brande’s “secret” really is one of the true principles… Read More

Overcoming the Fear of Rejection

Saturday, September 20th, 2014
Rejection Just Ahead Green Road Sign with Dramatic Storm Clouds and Sky.Last week, I published an Adoration Meditation article — “Harnessing the Power of Fear” — that focused on two types of fear, servile fear and filial fear.  You can find the article in the adoration… Read More

Harnessing the Power of Fear

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014
FearThere’s a prayer that we learned when we were in second grade that we recite every time we receive the sacrament of reconciliation.  Despite our familiarity with the prayer, most of us aren’t aware of the hidden meaning of the prayer.  I’m referring to the Act of Contrition which begins with the following sentence:

“Oh my God I am heartily sorry for having offended Thee,… Read More

It’s Good When They Hate You

Saturday, September 13th, 2014
HateEarlier this month, at the age of 81, Joan Rivers passed away.  I first became familiar with Rivers in the 1970s, during my high school years.  I was a fan of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and Rivers was selected by Carson to fill in for him whenever he was gone from his television show.  Back then, there were only two female comedians who had any notoriety: Phyllis Diller and Joan Rivers. Although Diller came… Read More

An Unlikely Gatekeeper

Saturday, September 6th, 2014
GatekeeperIf you’re over the age of 40, you remember a time when most homes had a telephone connected to a wall in the kitchen and a second telephone that sat on a nightstand in the master bedroom.  Both phones were connected to the same telephone line (what is now referred to as a “landline”). That’s the way it was in my parents’ home until 1973, when a second “teen line” was added.  When the teen… Read More