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Rebellion & Ruination

Imagine you’re 20 years old and you recently had to drop out of college because you ran out of money.  Until a couple of months ago, your parents were providing you with financial assistance, but that ended when the company your dad was working for closed down and laid off all of its employees.

You’re the “baby” of the family.  You have 2 older brothers and 2 older sisters.  One of your brothers lost his job 10 months ago.  Within a few months of losing his job, he moved back home to live with you and your parents.  Your other brother is married and works two jobs to support his wife and 8 month old child.  A couple of years ago your sisters moved out of your parents’ home and rented an apartment together.  The best they’re able to do (from a financial point of view) is get their bills paid every month.

You’re determined to create a secure financial future for yourself.  You don’t ever want to be at the mercy of a company or the economy, so you decide to start your own business and grow it to the point where you can: (1) employ your family members and friends; and (2) achieve financial independence.  That’s exactly what you do over the next 35 years.  By the time you reach the age of 55, your company employs over 16,000 people and is generating worldwide revenue of over one billion dollars a year.

You have the ambitious goal of doubling the annual revenue of your company by the time you reach the age of 65.  Since your greatest strength is recruiting top-performing employees and assembling them into effective teams, you decide you are going to focus your attention on that area while the management team you put into place runs the company.  Although you retain your position as an active member of the board of directors, you resign as president of the company and turn the company over to a new president who has been selected by the board of directors.

One of the primary keys to your success in building your company is a critical “formula” you developed during the first 10 years you were in business.  This formula has two components: (1) it helps you correctly identify certain gifts and traits that job applicants possess; and (2) it helps you to accurately place the right individuals together in specialized teams that thrive on each other’s’ strengths.  You have never revealed your formula or the fact that you even have a formula to anyone.

There is a specific mix or sweet spot of gifts and traits that you look for in a team of individuals.  You have figured out the right blend of gifts and traits that team members must have in order to make the team perform at its full potential.  For each new team member, you use a process that helps you identify the member’s natural abilities, talents, and skills in areas such as critical thinking, financial planning, data management, strategic planning, marketing, and selling.

Your projections show that if you want to reach your 10 year goal of doubling the profitability of your company, you will need to hire a minimum of 200 new employees every month.  In order to accomplish your goal, you create a new hiring division within the company.  The new division is made up of a select team of top recruiters that you have personally trained.  Within 12 months, your new hiring division is able to successfully recruit and hire 100 new top-performers each month.

As you are gearing up to increase the hiring of new employees from 100 to 200 individuals per month, you get word that the company president is having trouble handling all of the change and chaos that’s associated with growing the company so quickly.  As a result, the president rebels and starts summarily firing 10% of all of the new employees that are hired each month by your team.  He then calls a special meeting of the board of directors and convinces a majority of the board members that you are “out of control.”  At the president’s request, the board passes a new directive that limits the amount of new employees that are hired to no more than 100 per month.  Although you are allowed to continue to hire 100 new employees each month, the president and his managers continue to arbitrarily terminate 10% of the new employees that are hired.

The arbitrary firing of 10% of the new employees each month, along with the failure to hire the additional employees you want to hire, throws off the balance of the teams that are responsible for getting things done within the company.  You do as much as you reasonably can to try to convince the president and the board of directors to cooperate with you, but they refuse to listen.  They know that if you take back control of the company and fire all of them, the company will suffer severe trauma and may never recover.

Within 3 years of the rebellion by the company president and his followers, while the total number of employees has increased to over 19,000, the annual revenue of the company has declined from one billion dollars to $720 million dollars (a 28% reduction in total revenue).  In addition, for the first time in its history, the Company had to recall over 300,000 units of one of its products because of a defect that wasn’t discovered by 3 different quality control teams.  Company morale is at an all-time low.  The president and board of directors react to the problems by laying off 12% of its employees and instituting an across-the-board hiring freeze.

Let’s assume that if the president and the board of directors would have followed your wishes, the result would have been exactly as you had anticipated – a doubling of company revenues within 10 years.

Stick with me while I make some changes to my story.  Instead of you creating a “company,” an infinitely perfect all-knowing God creates a universe with multiple planets, one of which is Planet Earth.  Instead of “employees,” the earth is populated with “human beings.”  Instead of the earth being made up of “teams,” it’s made up of “families.”  Each new human being that is created by God is given unique gifts and traits that will compliment and benefit the other members of the family and society as a whole.  Instead of newly hired “employees” being arbitrarily terminated, a percentage of all of the newly created human beings are “terminated” by abortion.  Even though God has a perfectly well-crafted plan for the creation of millions of unique human beings (team members), His plan is constantly being altered by rebellious individuals who use “birth control” to preclude Him from following through on His plan.

The arbitrary termination of human lives through abortion and the refusal to allow God to create new family members results in the complete breakdown and ruination of marriages, families, and countries.

If I had the space here, I could explain how the unique abilities and traits of each and every one of my 8 children (one of whom we lost because of a miscarriage) contributed to the growth and stability of my marriage and to the growth and stability of each member of my family.  I could do the same for my parents and their family of 17 children.

While I can look back and easily identify how each new “team member” God created for my family contributed to the stability and growth of my marriage and the other members of the family, it’s impossible for a person to look back and see how destructive a decision to practice birth control has been to a marriage and the other members of a family.  It’s impossible because we don’t have the ability to see what we missed out on when we denied God the opportunity to send us that one unique human being who would have positively changed our lives forever.

This is something for us to think about as we are reminded of the 39th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion (January 22, 1973).  The decision was the culmination of a silent rebellion against God that started with the invention and mass production, acceptance, and use of the latex condom in 1930, and the invention and mass production, acceptance, and use of the birth control pill in 1960.  Most people don’t realize it, but abortion is just one more [extreme] form of birth control.  There’s not as big a difference as we might think between the termination of a human life through abortion and the use of artificial means to deny God His Supreme right to create a new human being.

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2 Responses to “Rebellion & Ruination”

  1. Sister Roberta Houlihan, CSJ Says:

    Dear Harry,
    I love your thinking! Since 1973, when I and many other Sisters in St. Louis had the privilege of participating in the Roe vrs Wade Downtown March, with Police Escorts(!!) my heart takes part in every attempt to stop abortions, even when I’m not able to be as active as I used to be. Thank you once again for your clear messages. I still think these could be syndicated and printed as a series. Blessings to you, Georgette and family. Sister Roberta

  2. Harry Says:

    Sister Roberta,
    We have a long way to go on the issue of birth control and abortion. I don’t know how we’re ever going to reverse the beliefs and behavior that have been in place for over 80 years. We need an army of prayer warriors. I hope all is going well for you.

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