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Two Kinds of Love

Could God the Father ever decide that He no longer loves the Holy Spirit?  Could He say “I’ve loved the Holy Spirit for thousands of years and I just don’t love Him anymore”?  Could Jesus go off on His own and decide He is no longer going to love the Father and the Holy Spirit?  Could the Holy Spirit bail out on His relationship with the Father and the Son?

The answer to all these questions is “no.”

The love that the three persons of the Blessed Trinity have for each other is known as a necessary love.  It is impossible for them not to love each other.

What kind of love does God have for you and me?  Is it a necessary love?  No, His love for us is what is known as a free love.  With God, there are two kinds of love: necessary love and free love.

We were not created out of necessity.  God could have chosen to not create us, but in an exercise of divine freedom and love he chose to create the human race.  In creating us, God gave us our own freedom – the freedom to love him.  He could have designed us in such a way that we had to love him out of necessity.  But He chose not to do that.  Instead, He gave us the freedom to love Him.

But why?  Why give us the freedom to love Him when He could have designed us in such a way that we would have had no other choice but to love Him?  There is no answer to this question because the answer has never been revealed to us.  The question highlights one of the mysteries of our faith.

The real question for each of us to ask is how would I behave if had been created to love God with a necessary love rather than a free love?  Would I always choose Him over my own selfish desires?  Would I spend more time praying and learning more about Him?  Would I think about and reach out to Him more often?  Would I ever commit a sin?

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One Response to “Two Kinds of Love”

  1. Sr Roberta Houlihan, CSJ Says:

    Dear Harry –
    The above writing is “short and sweet” – it says what is needed to say [short] and it reveals a truth that is often overlooked or, in some cases, not even thought of, but provides a thrill to realize how much God loves and provides for us [sweet]. Thank you!
    Blessings to you and Georgette – Sister Roberta

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